Postupgrade Tasks for the CommServe

You must perform a series of tasks to complete the CommServe upgrade.

Enable CommCell Activities

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe and click Properties.
  2. In the CommCell Properties dialog box, click the Activity Control tab, select the Enable All Job Activity check box, and then click OK.

Run Test Backups and Restores

Verify that backup and restore operations run as expected in your CommCell environment.

Apply the New License

Within 90 days of the upgrade, you will receive an email that includes the V11 license required for your CommCell environment. If you do not receive the license file after 90 days, send an email to prodreg@commvault.com, including your CommCell ID.

To apply the license, see Applying a License.

Download the Software to the CommServe Cache

If you plan to perform upgrades from the CommCell Console, the SnapProtect software must be available in the CommServe cache directory.

  • If the CommServe computer has Internet connectivity, no action is required. The SnapProtect software is automatically downloaded to the CommServe cache as part of the upgrade job.
  • If the CommServe computer has Internet connectivity with restrictions, or if there is no internet connectivity, you can adjust the download settings in the CommCell Console. For more information, see Configure Download Settings in the CommCell Console.
  • If the CommServe computer does not have internet connectivity, and the download settings do not satisfy your requirements, create a new installation package with all the software needed by your organization, and then copy the package to the CommServe cache. For instructions, see the download software procedure for Windows and UNIX computers.

Review the Service Level Agreement (SLA) Value

When you sent a request for upgrade, the Preupgrade Readiness Report included the SLA value. Before the upgrade, you had to determine whether the jobs in the CommCell met the SLA value for a specific number of days (for example, 83% for last 7 days).

After the upgrade, wait for the same number of days and then check the SLA value from the report.

  • If the new SLA meets or exceeds the previous level, continue with the MediaAgent and client upgrade.
  • If the SLA is not met, contact Product Support for assistance.

Log Off from the CommServe Database

Before you run command line operations in your CommCell environment, you must log off from the CommServe database by using the following command:

qlogout -cs CommserveName

Update the Installation Package

To continue using the installation package as a media resource, verify that the package contains all the software needed by your organization. If some software is missing, you must create a new installation package with the required software.

The installation package is useful if you plan to upgrade the following server packages:

  • Metrics Reporting
  • Web Console
  • Web Server
  • Workflow Engine

Note: As a best practice, keep the installation package up-to-date, or at the same service pack level as that of the CommServe computer.