Managing Features on MediaAgents from Previous Versions

Use the following table to check the supported combinations of features on MediaAgents from previous software versions when the CommServe is upgraded to V11.

New Features Description
Enhanced Encryption Options for Auxiliary Copy The Store plain text and Encrypt on network using selected cipher options are not available on the storage policy copy when the associated MediaAgent is from an older version.
Transactional Deduplication Database (DDB)

If the MediaAgent is hosting the DDB, after MediaAgent upgrade, you can convert the v10 DDB to transactional DDB using memdb tool.

Increased Number of Partitions for Partitioned DDB You can create a partitioned DDB storage policy with up to four partitions only if the MediaAgent is in V11.
Incremental Deduplication Data Verification You can run incremental deduplicated data verification jobs on V9 or V10 DDBs only if the MediaAgent that hosts the DDB is upgraded to V11.

If the MediaAgent is in V10, incremental deduplicated data verification jobs are ignored, and a full data verification job is run.

Disabling jobs for an Auxiliary Copy that met its retention To disable the copy of jobs that meets the retention criteria set on the destination copy, you must enable the Disable jobs for Auxiliary Copy that met its retention parameter.
Macintosh Support for Source-Side Deduplication Macintosh File System Agent backups supports source-side deduplication when the client is in V10 or V11.
DDB Verification Schedule Policy After CommServe upgrade, by default, the System Created DDB Verification schedule policy is created and no DDBs are associated with the schedule policy.

To take the advantage of the system created schedule policy, you need to manually associate the DDBs to the schedule policy. For more information on how to associate the DDBs, see Modifying a Schedule Policy.