Plan the MediaAgent Upgrade

After the CommServe upgrade, the next step is to upgrade the MediaAgents in your CommCell environment.

Use the following checklist to prepare for the upgrade:

  • Verify Supported SnapProtect Versions

    • Version 9 MediaAgents must have service pack 14 or later.
    • Version 10 MediaAgents must have service pack 11 or later.

    Note: For any of the SnapProtect versions, we recommend that you always install the latest service pack.

  • Verify System Requirements

    Make sure that the computer's operating system and hardware are supported by the new MediaAgent software. For more information, see System Requirements.

  • Verify License Requirements

    You do not need a license to upgrade MediaAgents to V11. After the upgrade, you can continue to perform your day-to-day MediaAgent operations.

    In V10, several licenses were renamed and deprecated. If you are a V9 user and a MediaAgent feature was deprecated in V10, the feature will be unavailable after the upgrade.

    For more information, review the following V10 documentation topics:

  • Decide Which MediaAgents To Upgrade

    You can choose not to upgrade all the MediaAgents in your CommCell environment. However, you will not benefit from new features in the current SnapProtect version. For more information on how new features work on MediaAgents from previous software version, see Managing Features on MediaAgents from Previous Versions.

    To help you identify which MediaAgents to upgrade, you must upgrade the MediaAgents associated with the clients that you plan to upgrade. If a client is upgraded and its associated MediaAgent is not, new features will not be available for the client. For more information, see Support for Mixed MediaAgent and Client Versions.


    • You must upgrade the MediaAgent used for disaster recovery backups. If the MediaAgent is not upgraded, disaster recovery backups will fail.
    • For optimal and reliable performance, the CommServe and MediaAgents should always operate at the same version and service pack level.
  • Review Deprecated Products

    If other products are installed on the MediaAgent computer, note that some products were deprecated in V11.

    Most deprecated products are either replaced or merged with new products. For more information, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Products.

  • Review Upgrade Considerations

    The upgrade considerations include recommendations, notes, and other important information that you must consider before and after the upgrade.

    Read the considerations applicable to your current SnapProtect version:

    Note: Review general client considerations, such as cluster requirements. Client considerations also apply to MediaAgents. For more information, see the upgrade considerations for clients (V10 to V11 | V9 to V11).