Preupgrade Tasks for Clients

For a successful upgrade, you must perform the following preparation tasks to address any requirement or preconfiguration before the upgrade:

  • Download the Software

    Choose one of the following methods to download the software:

    • If you plan to upgrade from the CommCell Console, no action is required. The SnapProtect software is automatically downloaded during the upgrade.

      Note: If you have V9 clients associated with a remote cache, remove the client associations. For a successful upgrade, V9 clients must retrieve the software from the CommServe cache, not from the remote cache.

  • Stop Running Jobs

    Jobs must not be running for the clients that you want to upgrade. Decide whether you want to wait for the jobs to finish or terminate the jobs.
  • Uninstall Older Deprecated Products

    If products that were deprecated in older SnapProtect versions are installed on the client computer, you must uninstall the deprecated products and delete them from the CommCell Browser to prevent upgrade errors.

    To review the products that were deprecated in older versions, see the following information:

    Important: When you delete an agent from the CommCell Browser, the backup data is irretrievably lost. If you want to keep the backup data from the deprecated product, do not upgrade the client.

  • Uninstall the Resource Pack

    If the Resource Pack is installed on the client, failure errors will occur during the upgrade process. Based on the operating system of the client, uninstall the Resource Pack as follows:
    • On Windows clients, use the option to uninstall programs from your Windows Control Panel. The program is listed as SnapProtect Resource Pack.
    • On UNIX clients, use the cvpkgrm command. In the uninstallation wizard, the Resource Pack is listed as CVGxRP.

    Note: The Resource Pack is no longer available in version 11.