Preupgrade Tasks for the CommServe

For a successful upgrade, you must perform the following preparation tasks to address any requirement or preconfiguration before the upgrade:

  • Request an Upgrade

    You must send a request for an upgrade to obtain an authorization code that validates your readiness for the upgrade. During this operation, the CommServe database is checked for errors that might occur during the upgrade.

    For more information, see Request an Upgrade.

    Remember: When you receive the email indicating that your upgrade is approved, the email might include instructions to apply the authorization code to the CommServe database. You must follow the instructions to validate the upgrade. If no instructions are provided, then the code was applied automatically.

  • Run a Disaster Recovery Backup

    During the upgrade, irreversible changes are made to the CommServe database. Therefore, it is important to have a good and recent backup of the database before the upgrade.

    Use the following steps to run a disaster recovery (DR) backup:

    1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe and click All Tasks > Disaster Recovery Backup.
    2. In the Disaster Recovery Options dialog box, click OK.
  • Disable CommCell Activities

    Jobs must not be running in your CommCell environment. Decide whether you want to wait for the jobs to finish or terminate the jobs.

    After waiting or terminating the jobs, to make sure that no new jobs are performed, disable CommCell activities as follows:

    1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe and click Properties.
    2. On the Activity Control tab of the CommCell Properties dialog box, clear the Enable Scheduler and Enable All Job Activity check boxes, and then click OK.
  • Uninstall Older Deprecated Products

    While you can continue to use products that were deprecated in version 11, you must uninstall products that were deprecated in older SnapProtect versions to prevent upgrade errors. The report that you receive during the request for upgrade operation also covers this requirement.

    To review the products that were deprecated in older versions, see the following information:

  • Uninstall the Resource Pack

    If the Resource Pack is installed on the CommServe computer, failure errors will occur during the upgrade process. To uninstall the Resource Pack, use the option to uninstall programs from your Windows Control Panel. The program is listed as SnapProtect Resource Pack.

    Note: The Resource Pack is no longer available in version 11.