Prerequisites for Upgrades Using the CommCell Console

Before you perform a remote upgrade, you must ensure that you meet certain upgrade requirements.

Important: The CommServe computer must be already upgraded.

Download the Software

To perform remote upgrades, the SnapProtect software must be available in the CommServe cache directory.

  • If the CommServe computer has Internet connectivity, no action is required. The SnapProtect software is automatically downloaded to the CommServe cache as part of the upgrade job.
  • If the CommServe computer has Internet connectivity with restrictions, or if there is no internet connectivity, you can adjust the download settings in the CommCell Console. For more information, see Configure Download Settings in the CommCell Console.
  • If the CommServe computer does not have internet connectivity, and the download settings do not satisfy your requirements, create a new installation package with all the software needed by your organization, and then copy the package to the CommServe cache. For instructions, see the download software procedure for Windows and UNIX computers.

Verify User Permissions

To perform remote upgrades, you must be a CommCell user with Install Package/Update permissions on the clients that you want to upgrade.

For information on assigning user permissions, see Associating Entities and Roles to a User.

Review Space Requirements for Client Computers

During the upgrade, the disk space used on the client computers might vary depending on the agents that you plan to upgrade.

The following table displays the approximate disk space required to install or upgrade agents on Windows and UNIX client computers.

Important: The space values provided in the table do not include the disk space used by the installation files that are copied to the client. Therefore, make sure to always have additional disk space available on the client.

Package Windows UNIX
File System Core (Laptop package) 500 MB 500 MB
File System Agent 1250 MB 1050 MB
MediaAgent 1350 MB 1250 MB
Other Agents 1550 MB 1550 MB