Generating the Preupgrade Readiness Report

Applies to: Upgrades from V9 to V11

If your CommServe computer is registered with the Cloud Services website, or if you plan to register it, we highly recommend that you generate the Preupgrade Readiness Report to fix any issues before you send the upgrade request.

The report helps you determine whether your CommCell environment is ready to be upgraded to V11. When you generate the report, preupgrade checks run on your CommServe database and indicate whether you must perform any corrective action. The report is available at the Cloud Services website.

For upgrades from V10 to V11, the report is automatically generated when you request an upgrade.



  1. Generate the report.
    1. From the CommCell Console toolbar, click Control Panel.
    2. In the Control Panel window, double-click Diagnostics and Usage.
    3. In the Diagnostics and Usage dialog box, select the CommCell Diagnostics and Usage check box, and then select the Upgrade Readiness check box to collect information for the Preupgrade Readiness Report.
    4. Click Run Now to generate the Preupgrade Readiness Report. The report becomes available in the Cloud Services Web site.
  2. Access the report.
    1. In your Web browser, go to https://cloud.commvault.com/webconsole/survey/reports/monitoringform.jsp.
    2. Log on to the Cloud Services site by using the credentials provided in the registration email.
    3. On the Reports page, locate the CommCell Name column and click the name of your CommServe computer.

      The report's dashboard page is displayed.

    4. At the top of the dashboard page, click the Reports tab.
    5. Under the Cloud section, click Pre Upgrade Readiness.

      The Preupgrade Readiness Report is displayed.

      The report includes the status of each preupgrade check so that you can identify and then address any issues that might cause the upgrade to fail. For example, some of the preupgrade check results included in the report are:

      • Clients that are older than two releases
      • Clients with duplicate names or hostnames

What to Do Next

Request an Upgrade