Add NDMP Library

Use this dialog box to add information about NDMP libraries attached to a NAS filer.


The name of the MediaAgent that controls the library's media changer.

NDMP Library Data
  • NDMP Server Host Name

    The name of the NAS filer that is selected from a drop-down menu. Keep in mind that you must add at least one host using the Update NDMP Host List before selecting a host from this field.

  • Browse

    Opens the NDMP Server List dialog box which allows you to add or edit existing hosts to the NDMP server hostname list.

  • NDMP Server Device Name

    The access path through which the filer communicates with the media changer in the library.

  • Detect Library Data

    When clicked, the Library Data automatically populates with the Vendor, Model, Description, Base Address and Drive Count.

Library Data

  • Vendor

    The name of the vendor for the library.

  • Model

    The library model.

  • Description

    The library description.

  • Base Address

    Part of the library's internal addressing scheme.

  • Drive Count

    The number of drives in the library.