Email, Web, and FTP Server Configuration (Web Server)

Use this dialog box to define an alternate computer as the Web Server.

Online Help

This link provides direct access to the latest version of Books Online from the documentation web site.

Report Default URL

Allows you to specify the URL to view CommCell Console reports. The default report URL is in this format: http://CommCellName:81/reports

Configure this URL for CVAccounts SSO redirections

If you are using Multi-Web Console Single Sign-On, check this box to define a Web Console as the identity provider (IdP). This IdP is used for all Web Console clients that are not in client computer group but are configured to use single sign-on. For instructions on configuring Multi-Web Console Single Sign-On, see Configuring Multi-Web Console Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • URL

    Enter the URL for the IdP Web Console as follows:


Use Alternate URL for Online Help

Check this box to use a downloaded copy of Documentation for online help.

  • URL

    Enter the URL of the offline Documentation site as follows:



    hostname is the name of the server hosting the offline Documentation.

    port is the port number specified when setting up the Documentation website for offline access. The default port number is 8080.

    release_version is the version of SnapProtect software you are using. The release version must have the letter v as a prefix.

    Important: After you enter the URL, click OK and then restart the CommCell Console.

Use Alternate Web URL for Add-in

Check this box if you wish to use an alternate Web URL for downloading updates for the Outlook Add-In and Lotus Notes Client Add-In. This URL must connect to a client computer with the CommCell Console installed and a web alias configured. Enter the location of the URL to be used in the space provided.

Use Alternate Web Server

Check this box if you wish to use an alternate Web Server for reports. Use the fields below to add the name of the computer, non-default IIS port number and alias name for the Web Server.

  • Web Server Name

    Displays the name of a computer that has the Internet Information Service (IIS) installed. You can also specify the IP address of the computer.

  • Alias

    Displays the alias that will be used for the reports. If you configured a non-default alias during the Books Online installation, enter the non-default alias name. Also, if the Web Console is installed on the computer, you will need to enter "console".

  • HTTP

    Displays the HTTP port number; the default is port 80. Enter a different port number if the default is not suitable for your environment.


    Displays the HTTPS (secure) port number; the default is port 443. Enter a different port number if the default is not suitable for your environment.

  • Report folder published on the Web server

    Specifies the location in which the CommCell Console software is installed on the Web Server computer. Use the space to type the path or click the Browse button to select the path.

  • Impersonate User

    Displays the user name that will be used to access the software installation path on the Web server (specified in the Report folder published on the Web server box). Click the Change button to add the user name and password that must be used to access the path.