Advanced Restore Options (Map)

Specify the restore of individual files to a specified destination using an external map file. The map file provides the list of files to be restored and the destination to which the files are to be restored. (See Restore Data Using a Map File in Books Online for detailed information.)

Use map file

Specifies whether the restore operation must be performed using a mapping file. Enable this option to specify the map file.

Map File Path

Specifies the name of the map file. Use the space to enter the path and name of the map file. Use the browse button to browse and select the appropriate map file.

Restore unmapped files

Specifies whether the restore operation must restore the unmapped files that were selected for restore, to the specified restore destination. i.e., in-place restore or out-of-place restore. Clear this option to restore only those files that are included in the specified map file.

Rename all restore files with suffix

Specify a common suffix to be added to each file as it is restored. For Windows platforms, this suffix is appended to the filename (i.e., before the extension); for Unix/Macintosh platforms, the suffix is appended after the extension.