PostgreSQL Table Level Restore Options (Table Restore Options)

Use this dialog box to choose the table restore options:

Table Restore Options

Provides options to configure the table-level restores.

  • Point in time

    Specifies that the restore operation must restore single or multiple databases to the selected date and time.

    • Restore Time

      Provides a space for you to enter the date and time. Click the arrow to display a calendar.

    • Time Zone

      Lists the time zones. To change the time zone, select one from the list.

  • Specify Destination Database for Table Import

    When selected, this option allows you to import selected tables to a different database other than the specified database.

    • Source Database

      Displays the name of the source database, depending on the database selected for restore.

    • Target Database

      Displays the path to the database that is used to restore the selected tables from the source database. Click and specify the path to change the target database.