Media List/Media Not Copied/Media for Refresh

Media List

Use this dialog box to identify the media or mount paths that contain valid data for the selected storage policy copy. If you are using the View Aged Media option, you can also view media that contains aged data that has been aged, but is still available to be restored/recovered.

Media Not Copied

Use this dialog box to identify all media required for an auxiliary copy operation to be performed on a storage policy copy. For a primary copy, displays all the media necessary to copy the available backup data to all secondary (synchronous and selective) copies. For a secondary copy, displays all the media necessary for an auxiliary copy to be performed, based on the criteria of the copy.

Note that only those fields applicable for the Storage Policy or Storage Policy Copy you selected will be displayed.

Media for Refresh

Use this dialog box to view all the media required for the media refresh operation to be performed on the storage policy/storage policy copy.


The status of the media.


The barcode label for the media. For disk media, this value is displayed as CV_Magnetic.


If the media is available in a library, the name of the library in which it currently resides.

If the media is exported, the name of the library in which the last data protection job was conducted.

For a disk library, the name of the disk library.


For tape libraries, the location of the media. Note the following:
  • If the media is inside the library, this field displays the storage slot or the Drive Name in which the media resides.
  • If the media is outside the library and you entered a location when you exported it (e.g., Shelf 4 in Storage Room), that location is displayed here. Note that the software has no control over media once they leave the library; it is your responsibility to ensure that exported media are stored in the location entered.

For disk libraries, the name of the mount path.

Media for Refresh
Status of the media for refresh - picked or not picked.

Size on Media
Amount of data that was saved to media.

Stream No.

The stream number used to write to the media.


Predicts the sequence per stream in which the media will be required by an Auxiliary Copy operation.

Storage Policy Copy

The name of the destination Storage Policy Copy for which the media is required.

Not Copied Size

Displays the amount of data that was not copied.

Recall Media

Click this button to perform a Recall Media operation for the media selected in the list.