DataClass Property (Advanced)

Use this tab to add, modify or view SQL query strings as migration rules for the selected subclient.

Use query string as rule

Specifies whether to enable the user to use SQL query strings as the migration rules for this subclient. Use the space provided to include or modify the query strings. Using this option will disable all migration rules other than stub management rules that might have been set for the subclient.

The following list includes the primary SQL advanced query values for file attributes in hexadecimal and the associated meaning for each value. You can combine these values as necessary in order to set more complex file attributes.

0x00000001           READONLY
0x00000002           HIDDEN
0x00000004           SYSTEM
0x00000010           DIRECTORY
0x00000020           ARCHIVE
0x00000040           DEVICE
0x00000080           NORMAL
0x00000100           TEMPORARY
0x00000200           SPARSE_FILE
0x00000400           REPARSE_POINT
0x00000800           COMPRESSED
0x00001000           OFFLINE
0x00002000           NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED
0x00004000           ATTRIBUTE_ENCRYPTED