Example: Creating The Edit Client Description App

You can use the following steps to create an app that allows you to view and then edit the description for clients in your CommCell environment.


  1. On the Web Console for the Private Metrics Reporting Server, click Reports.

    The Worldwide Dashboard appears.

  2. At the top of the page, click Worldwide Reports > Report Manager , and on the Reports tab, click New Report.
  3. On the Report Builder page, in the Report Name box, type Edit Client Description, and in the Description box, type Report can be used to View, Edit or Add Client Description.
  4. Under Data Sets, click Create a Data Set, and then configure the settings:
    1. In the Add Data Set dialog box, on the Query tab, select Database.
    2. In the Data Set Name box, type ClientData.
    3. In the Data Sources list, select the local CommCell environment.
    4. In the Databases list, select CommServ.
    5. In the Query box, type this query:

      select C.id, C.name as 'Client Name', C.net_hostname as 'Host Name' ,
      c.clientDescription AS 'Client Description', 'Action' AS 'Action'
      from app_client C

    6. Click Preview to collect the field names that you can use as columns in your report.

    7. Click the Advanced tab, and in the Time Out box, type 5.
    8. Click Done.

      The ClientData data set appears under Data Sets.

  5. Drag Data Table to the Drop components to generate report box, and from the Data Sets list, drag All Fields to the Data Table.
  6. At the top of the table, click Edit Properties .

    The Properties dialog box appears

  7. Expand Action.
  8. To create a button that will kick off the workflow, in the Cell Expression box, type the following code:

    ='<button onclick="return
    \':\''+row["id"]+'\'}})">Edit Description</button>'

  9. Click Close to close the Properties dialog box.

  10. Click Preview to see what the report will look like.

  11. At the top of the page, click Save, and then click Deploy.

    The report appears on the Worldwide Reports page under Untagged.

  12. Open the Server Operating System Report.
  13. Optional: Test the app.
    1. Under Action, click Edit Description.

      The EditClientDescription dialog box appears.

    2. In the Description box, type a new description and then click OK.

      A workflow that changes the description of the client in the CommCell Console executes, and the report data is updated immediately.