Deconfiguring CXBF Devices using Volume Explorer

Use the following procedure to deconfigure CXBF devices using Volume Explorer.

Before You Begin

  • If a CXBF device on AIX was configured using Volume Explorer (where the CXBF device was added to /etc/filesystems), be sure to mount the CXBF device before you deconfigure it. If an unmounted CXBF device on AIX is deconfigured using Volume Explorer, the /etc/filesystems system file will be out of sync with the actual file system configuration.

    If the /etc/filesystems file and the actual file system configuration get out of sync, a manual edit of the /etc/filesystems file is required to correct the inconsistency. Remove the CXBF entry and uncomment the original entry by removing "*Galaxy" from the beginning of each line.

  • If you encounter errors while configuring or deconfiguring CXBF devices on the client, refer to cvd.log on the client for more information about the error.


  1. On the toolbar in the CommCell Console, click Control Panel.
  2. Click Storage > Volume Explorer.

    The Volume Explorer dialog box appears.

  3. Select the host connected to the volume you want to configure.
  4. Right-click the volume and select Deconfigure cxbf device.
  5. Click OK.