Excluding an Immediate Job from Throttling from the Command Line Interface

Exclude immediate jobs from being throttled. All application command line jobs and CommCell Console jobs run with the immediate option are counted as immediate jobs.

Use this option to run a backup without waiting for the queue to clear even when the job limits have been reached on the client. When this option is set, scheduled jobs are the only jobs throttled.


  1. Use the qlogin command to log onto the CommServe.
  2. On the command line, go to software_installation_directory/Base and type the following command:

    qoperation execscript -sn SetLimitRunningJobs -si 'client'|'Oracle_RAC_pseudo_client_name' -si 'Exclude' -si 1

    Note: To disable this setting, run the same command but replace -si 1 with -si 0.

  3. Run the qlogout command to log off the CommServe computer.