CommCell Migration - Overview

CommCell Migration is the process of moving Clients and MediaAgents from one CommCell to another for performing cross server restores or on a permanent basis to allow backups to continue in a new CommCell. CommCell configurations (for e.g., Subclient Policies, Schedule Policies, etc.) and individual content associated with a Client (for e.g., Agents, BackupSets, Subclients, etc.) can be moved from one CommCell to another. The existing backup information will also be moved from the source CommCell to the destination CommCell.

This eliminates the need to uninstall/reinstall and recreate all the associated components for a Client/MediaAgent.

Permanent migration of Clients can be performed when computers are relocated or for load balancing to associate the clients to another CommCell. This process involves permanently moving the metadata records associated with these clients.

Temporary migration of Clients can be performed to free some space on the source CommCell, to perform maintenance operation on a source server or when a copy of the Client(s) Metadata on one (source) CommCell is to be maintained on another (destination) CommCell also. The clients and configuration settings that are temporarily migrated exist in the source CommCell and destination CommCell. The properties and associations of clients and configurations in the destination CommCell exist as in the source CommCell.