Installing SnapProtect on Clients in a Cluster Environment

You must install the SnapProtect software on all the physical nodes that you want to protect in your cluster environment.

Choose the Installation Method

The most commonly used methods to install SnapProtect are the following:

  • Remote installations, where you use the CommCell Console to install the software remotely on one or more physical nodes.

    For instructions, see Installing SnapProtect Remotely Using the CommCell Console.

  • Local installations, where you use the installation package to install the software locally on a physical node.

    Based on the computer's operating system, see installing SnapProtect locally on Windows or UNIX.

What to Do Next

After installing the software successfully on all the physical nodes that host the Cluster Group, you must configure the cluster group client from the CommCell Console. For instructions on manually configuring the cluster group client, see Configurations.