Multi-CommCell Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview

You can log on to a CommCell with a single set of credentials and access multiple CommCells without being prompted to log on again. This allows you to access data, resources, or services available on other CommCells without logging on separately to individual CommCells.

User Validation in a Multi-CommCell SSO Environment

When a user makes a request to a resource located in another CommCell, the multi-CommCell SSO mechanism transfers an encrypted authentication token from the first CommCell to the second CommCell. The identity information in this token indicates to the receiving CommCell that the user is successfully authenticated in the first CommCell.

The user validation in multi-CommCell SSO is based on a one-to-one mapping between users in the participating CommCells. A user logs on and accesses other CommCells by impersonating a user from the second CommCell, temporarily inheriting the mapped user's permissions.