ObjectStore: Online Help

The following sections provide context-sensitive help information related to this feature.

New ObjectStore Client (General)

Use this dialog box to configure the following properties for an ObjectStore drive pseudo client:

Client Name

Specify a name for the ObjectStore pseudo client.

ObjectStore Type

Select the ObjectStore  type that you want to create.


Select this ObjectStore type to create an ObjectStore for one of the following scenarios:

  • To enable third-party applications to store, manage, and retrieve application data as objects by using ObjectStore REST APIs (Application Programming Interface).
  • To migrate data records from Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) using clinical archiving solution.

    The following options are required for clinical archiving solutions when you want to migrate patient information from PACS systems to the ObjectStore. For more information, see Clinical Archiving. The options are enabled only when you obtain the authentication code and enable clinical archiving on the CommServe computer. For instructions, see Enabling Clinical Archiving.

    • No Versions Needed

      Specifies to not keep file versions in the ObjectStore. Select this option when you are configuring a staging folder to upload clinical data to the ObjectStore.

    • Staging Machine

      Select the client computer where you want to stage the files to be uploaded.

    • Staging Directory

      Type the path to the staging folder. Alternatively, click Browse and select the folder.

 New ObjectStore Client (Associate User)/Client Computer Properties (Associate User)

Use this dialog box to configure the following properties for an ObjectStore pseudo client:

Available Users

List the available CommCell Users. Select the user and click > to associate the user with the ObjectStore client.

Selected Users

List the users associated with the ObjectStore client. To remove a user from this list, select the user name and click <.

New ObjectStore Client (Storage Device)/Client Computer Properties (Storage Device)

Use this dialog box to configure the following properties for an ObjectStore client:

Storage Policy

Select a storage policy for the ObjectStore client.

A new or existing storage policy for managing the ObjectStore data that meets the following conditions:
  • The storage policy library must be a disk library.
  • Web Server must be installed on the MediaAgent associated to the storage policy.
  • We recommend using an existing storage policy when possible to maximize storage efficiency.

Index Server

Select the MediaAgent with Analytics Engine configured for ObjectStore.