Internet Options (Download Software)

Use this dialog box to configure the FTP site that will be accessed to download SnapProtect packages and updates to the CommServe Cache directory.

FTP Site
Indicates the location from which updates are automatically downloaded. If you want to download the software from a different FTP location, update the FTP site details.

Note: The options related to the FTP Site are only visible when you configure an additional setting. For more information, see Changing the FTP Site Used to Download Software.

User Name
Indicates the user name that is used to access the FTP site. If you need to update the user credentials to access the FTP site, click Change.
Revert to Factory Settings
Click to retrieve the original account information settings used to access the default FTP site.
Software Download Protocol
Use this section to select the protocol that you want to use.
Click to use the FTP protocol to download the software. Use this protocol if you need to download updates for clients from previous SnapProtect versions. The HTTP and HTTPS protocols do not support the download of older updates.

If you want FTP operations to be performed in passive mode, select the Use Passive FTP Connection check box.

Click to use the HTTP protocol to download the software.
By default, the download operation uses the HTTPS protocol to download the software.