Internet Options (HTTP Proxy)

Use this dialog box to configure an HTTP proxy server to download updates and packages and to upload files to an HTTP Web site.

Use HTTP Proxy Server

When selected, you can specify the HTTP proxy server details, which includes the port number and a user account. If you already defined the proxy server details for Metrics Reporting, and you want to update the settings, you must close and reopen the Web Console to verify the changes.

  • Proxy Server

    The hostname or IP address of the proxy server.

  • Proxy Port

    The port number that will be used to establish connections with the proxy server.

  • Use Authentication

    When selected, you can specify user credentials that are required to access the proxy server.

    • User Name

      The user name to access the proxy server.

    • Password

      The password for the user name that you specified.

    • Confirm Password

      Retype the password for confirmation.