SCOM Configuration - Online Help

Use this dialog box to configure a System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Server to receive alert notifications from the CommServe database.

  • Host name

    Type the fully qualified host name of the SCOM Server.

  • User Name

    Type the user name of a user who has administrator rights to the SCOM Server.

  • Password/Confirm Password

    Type the password associated with the entered user name, and confirm the password by typing it a second time.


Displays the Management Pack configuration information for the SCOM Server that has been configured.

Import Management Pack

Creates the Management Pack required to display the alert notifications on the SCOM Server.

Test Configuration

Tests whether the credentials used to connect to the SCOM Server are correct and whether a connection can be established with the SCOM Server.


Click to apply the user name and password entered to connect to the SCOM Server.