RESTful APIs for Data Sources in Data Cube

With Data Cube, you can collect data from the various repositories in your enterprise and use REST APIs to extend the functionality of your data by creating custom applications for viewing, searching, and putting relevant data together in a common interface.

HTTP Methods

The Data Cube REST APIs are implemented on HTTP, so you can use them with your preferred programming language and tools. The types of HTTP requests supported by Data Cube are GET and POST. The acceptable parameters for the GET and POST APIs are dependent on the data source that you want to use.

Request and Response Formats

For GET requests, you can format the response as either XML, JSON, or comma-separated values (CSV). For POST requests, you can send the request as either JSON or CSV and format the response as either XML or JSON.

Supported Data Connectors

The following data connectors support the REST APIs feature:

  • Database
  • CSV
  • File System
  • Eloqua
  • Salesforce