Configure End-User Permissions for Data Cube

To access Data Cube from the Web Console, users must be assigned to a role with the following permission:

  • Data Connectors

    This permission can be found under the Analytics category. Assign this permission to the user for the MediaAgent with Analytics Engine configured for Data Cube.

    For more information about configuring the Analytics Engine, see Configuring the Analytics Engine for Data Cube.


  • When creating a data source, the user will only be able to select from the MediaAgents with Analytics Engine enabled for Data Cube to which they are associated.
  • Users do not need additional associations to view data sources that are shared with them, even if the data sources were created using a different Analytics Engine.
  • If the MediaAgent association for a user changes, the user will still be able to view their data sources from the original MediaAgent as long as the new MediaAgent has Analytics Engine enabled for Data Cube.

For more information about assigning user permissions, see User Administration and Security - Creating a Role.

Shared Data Sources

Users without permissions for Data Cube can still view and use data sources from that are shared with them by other Data Cube users. In order to view these data sources, however, the users must be able to access the Web Console.