Data Cube: Website Connection Options

The following additional and advanced options are available for configuring a website source with Data Cube:

Option Description
Analytics Engine Select the Analytics Engine to use for crawling the data source.
Data Source Name Enter the name of the data source as it should appear under the data connector category.
Data Source Description Enter a description or other information to help you identify the data source.
Domain Name For secure sites, the domain of the username used to access the website.
Username For secure sites, a username that can access the website.
Password For secure sites, the password of the username used to access the website.
Include Paths Enter the paths that you want to include in the website data source. When you add paths to the Include Paths field, only these paths will be crawled and included in the data source.
Exclude Paths Use to specify URLs in the website to exclude from crawls.


  • When you add URLs to Exclude Paths, they are never crawled, even if they were added to the Include Paths field.
  • For URLs added to Exclude Paths, the links within those pages will not be added to the data source (unless the links are included in different pages that are included in the data source).
Crawl Depth Use to specify how many levels into the website hierarchy you want to crawl. By default, crawling will only include the first five levels of the website hierarchy. To include more pages in the crawl, increase the Crawl Depth.
Crawl Option Select to crawl the data source immediately. To manually crawl the database, see Crawling Data Connections.