Connecting Data Cube Sources to Microsoft Power BI

You can connect Data Cube sources to leading business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI.

Before You Begin

  • You must have completed the configuration procedures to connect Data Cube sources to external business intelligence tools.

    For more information, see Integrate Data Cube Sources with Business Intelligence Tools.

  • The following is an example to illustrate the basic procedure for connecting to Microsoft Power BI. In this example, Microsoft Power BI Desktop version 2.36.4434.381 64-bit (June, 2016), was used.

    For complete instructions, see the Microsoft and Apache Drill documentation.


  1. Open Microsoft Power BI.
  2. In the Home ribbon, click Get Data > More.
  3. Click Other > ODBC > Connect.
  4. In the From ODBC dialog, click the Data Source Name (DSN) list and select the ODBC driver name that you created for Data Cube.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Access a data source using an ODBC driver dialog, select Database and enter your Web Console user credentials for accessing Data Cube.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. In the Navigator dialog, expand DRILL > datacube.

    A list of Data Cube sources appears.

  9. Select the check boxes for the data sources that you want to use, and then click Load.

You can use the Data Cube sources under the Table list to visualize your data.