Advanced Client Properties - Encryption

Use this dialog box to select data encryption options for the selected client. These settings affect supported agents residing on the client.

Use Storage Policy Settings
Select this option to encrypt data according to the settings in the storage policy copy.
Encrypt data with following settings
Data Encryption Algorithm
  • Cipher

    Displays the ciphers available for data transfer.

  • Key Length

    Displays the key lengths available for the selected cipher. Note that the key length options displayed will vary according to the selected cipher.

Direct Media Access (External Restore Tools)
The following options are available for key management. These options are useful for recovering data. By default, a copy of the encryption key is stored in the CommServe database and will be used by all data recovery operations using the CommCell Console.
  • Via Media Password

    When selected, this specifies that a copy of the encryption key will be stored in the media.

    Note: Ensure to specify a valid Media Password when selecting this option.

  • No Access

    When selected, encryption keys will not be stored on the storage media. This represents the highest media security level (regular CommCell Console or Database-driven recovery operations will still work).

Do not encrypt
Select this option to disable encryption on the client computer.
This is useful when encryption is enabled on a storage policy copy and you want to disable encryption on specific clients associated with that storage policy copy.