Recovery using the CommServe Recovery Assistant Tool

The CommServe Recovery Assistant  tool restores the CommServe database files from a Disaster Recovery (DR) backup to the production site or a DR site any time. This is useful if you need to restore the data in the following situations:

  • Rebuild the CommServe on the same or different computer
  • Move an existing CommServe database to new hardware
  • Migrate the CommServe database from either a clustered environment to a non-cluster environment, or from a non-clustered environment to a clustered environment

The CommServe Recovery Assistant  restores the CommServe database, and runs the operations that are essential to make the CommServe functional.

For steps on on restoring the CommServe database,  see CommServe Recovery Process Flow.

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You can also use the CommServe Recovery Assistant  tool to test or stage the CommServe database for troubleshooting purposes. See Staging the CommServe Database for more information.