Recovering Aged Data - FAQ

The data is written on the tape using one CommServe. Can I restore the data using another CommServe?

Yes. If the data is written on the tape using one CommServe, you can restore it using another CommServe. You can insert the tape in the free slot of any compatible tape library in a CommCell and then catalog the tape to import the backup jobs in the new CommCell.

In such scenario, entities such as client, backupset, subclient and storage policy associated with a backup job are not present in the new CommCell. These entities are automatically created in the new CommCell. Now if you try to migrate the same client from the old CommCell to a new CommCell, the CommCell migration operation will fail.

A higher version of CommCell and MediaAgent is used to write data on a tape. Can I catalog the tape in the current version of CommCell and then restore the data from the tape?

Yes. You can catalog the tape using current version of CommCell and import the metadata from the tape. However, you can perform only the Restore by Job operation in such scenario. The Browse and Restore option is not supported.

Alternatively, you can use CommCell Migration feature to move the Media from one CommCell (higher version) to another CommCell (lower version) and then perform the Restore by Job operation. For more information refer to CommCell Migration.

Can I run backup job to tape catalog created by a storage policy?

No backup jobs can be run to tape catalog created SP/copy.

Can I run further backup jobs in a subclient that switched between encrypted tape to non encrypted tape?

If a subclient had been configured with encryption which was later disabled, you may not be able to run further backups to the subclient after tape catalog of encrypted date from this subclient.

Can I catalog a tape in a CommCell?

Yes, you can catalog a tape in any CommCell.

Should I run tape catalog if a subclient is deleted?

There is no need to run tape catalog if only a subclient is deleted.

What happens to missing entities like storage policy, client, backupset and subclient, when I run tape catalog?

If there are missing entities like storage policy, copy, client, backupset ,and subclient, they will be created as part of tape catalog operation.

My storage policy, copy, client, or backupset is missing. Can I run tape catalog on data corresponding to them?

Yes. If the original storage policies are not available, recover the data using tape import storage policies and copies.

The CommCell to which the tape media belongs to is not available. Can the data be cataloged and merged in a different CommCell?

Yes, it can.