Command Line Parameters for CommServe Recovery Assistant Tool

The following table lists the supported parameters for the CommServe Recovery Assistant Tool.

Parameter Description of Parameter Values
operation Option to select the operation mode. Valid values are:
  • Maintenance - use this mode to test CommServe recovery on a DR CommServe host.
  • Staging - use this mode for staging or troubleshooting purposes.
  • Recovery - use this mode for CommServe recovery during a disaster or to upgrade the hardware of the CommServe host.
skipdump Option to skip database dump recovery. Use this parameter if you have already restored the CommServe database to the destination CommServe host.
dbdumplocation Location where the CommServe database dump files are located. Skip this parameter if you have already restored the CommServe database.
dbfilelocation Location where you want to restore the CommServe database files on the destination CommServe host.
license Path to the new IP address change license file that you want to apply on the destination CommServe host.
restoreonly Option to restore only the database dump.
groupName Name of the 'Test' Client Computer Group. (Option should be used only for Testing CommServe Failover Using Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups.)
tononcluster Option to migrate from a cluster setup to a non-cluster environment.
tocluster Option to migrate from a non-cluster setup to a cluster environment. Specify the physical node names separated by comma (,).
? Displays all the command line parameters available with the CommServe Recovery Assistant tool.