Viewing and Removing DLP Authorized Users

A Data Loss Prevention (DLP) authorized user is a user account on a DLP-enabled laptop with permission to unlock and read the contents of locked files. If there is only one user account for your laptop, then the concept of DLP authorized users does not apply to you. However, if your laptop has more than one user account, then the DLP authorized users of a locked file will depend on the file system security permission settings of each user for that particular file. See File System Permissions and DLP Authorized Users.

You can view which laptop user accounts are an DLP authorized user for a particular file. If you are a DLP authorized user, you can also remove DLP authorized users from a file.


  1. From your laptop, right-click the locked file, point to Edge, and then click Authorized Users.

    The list of authorized users appears.

  2. To remove an authorized user, select the user from the list and click Remove.

    The removed user will no longer be able to unlock and read the contents of the file.