Getting Started for Commvault Edge Endpoint Solutions - Express

Use the Getting Started pane in the CommCell Console to complete the setup needed for Edge Endpoint Solutions. Quick start guides are available for administrators and for end users.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Step 2: Initial Setup

Follow the steps to install your CommServe and to create the proxy and backup packages:

Initial CommCell Configuration

  1. Install your CommServe computer.

    See Installing the CommServe for Edge Express.

  2. Register your CommServe computer.

    See Getting Access to the Cloud Services Web Site.

  3. Configure your email server so you can receive email messages from the CommCell Console.

    See E-Mail Server Configuration.

  4. Register Active Directory domains so users can log on to the CommServe using account credentials from the Active Directory (AD) service provider.

    See Single Sign On (SSO).

Configure Storage

  1. Add a MediaAgent.

    See MediaAgent - Overview.

  2. Add a disk or tape library.

After you configure your storage, the preconfigured Edge Drive client is ready to use. For information on the Edge Drive feature, see Edge Drive - Administrators.

Optional: Configure Proxy

Optional: Generate Custom Installation Packages

Conditional: Configure Direct Links

  • If you generated a custom installation package, you must configure links to the installation package. When end users click the Add New Computer link in the Web Console, they are redirected to the location you configured.

    See Configuring Direct Links to the Installation Package.

Invite Users

  • Send users an email inviting them to install the backup package on their devices. The email will include the direct links you configured.

    See Inviting Users.

Step 3: Monitoring

Once jobs are running, use the following tools:
  • Click Job Monitoring to open the Job Controller pane. For information on the features available in the Job Controller pane, see Job Controller - Advanced.
  • Click Job History to open the Job History Filter dialog box. For information on the options available in the Job History Filter dialog box, see Job History Filter.
  • Click Reports to open the Report Selection dialog box. The Backup Job Summary report is automatically selected. Click Run to view the report. For information on the options available for the Backup Job Summary report, see Backup Job Summary Report - Overview.

Upgrading to the Full SnapProtect Product

You can upgrade this Edge Endpoint environment to the full SnapProtect product. Contact your account team to obtain the appropriate license.