Erase Backed-Up or Archived Data: Erasing Data by Browsing

This method supports erasing data from a backup or archive. When backed up or archived data is erased by browsing, it is no longer restorable, and stub recall attempts are blocked.

Important: Erasing data by this method erases it from all occurrences, including across backup and archive sets that are configured under a client. If a data item exists in multiple backup or archive sets, erasing that item in one of them erases it in all of them. Be sure this is the result you want.

Content indexing data does not honor erasing data by browsing. If a file is erased using browsing and it was content indexed, the file will remain in the content index on the Search Engine according to the retention settings for content indexing.


Step 1: Assigning a Filter Storage Policy for Erase Data by Browsing

Step 2: Allowing Erase Data in a Storage Policy

Step 3: Erasing Data by Browsing a Job