File Level Analytics - Overview

File Level Analytics helps administrators analyze backed-up data, based on file attributes like file type, size, and modification and access times. The results are displayed in the form of reports. These reports are helpful in analyzing disk usage patterns for space reclamation.

File Level Analytics is supported on all File System-based agents.

Applications of File Level Analytics

File Level Analytics is helpful in the following scenarios:

Archive Prediction

You can use File Level Analytics to predict how much space would be saved if files meeting a specific criteria are archived e.g. files that have not been accessed for a long time, files that are really big in size, files that are accessed recently.

The report below shows list of files that were modified at a certain time and have a specific Size:

Offline Data Analysis

File Level Analytics can help in predicting how much space is consumed on backup disk based on certain filters.

The report below displays files with that are not modified in the last 1 month and have not been accessed in the last 5 days.