Configuring Windows Firewall to Allow CommCell Communication

Windows Firewall, the built-in firewall included in Windows Operating Systems, can be configured to allow CommCell communication by adding CommCell programs and services to the Windows Firewall Exception list. After CommCell programs are added to the Exception list, the Windows Firewall allows external network connections to the CommCell Console.

During installation of Windows components, the installer provides an option to add CommCell programs and services to Windows Firewall List. You can use this option to configure Windows Firewall during installation.

After installation, you can later configure Windows Firewall using AddFWExclusions.bat program. The AddFWExclusions.bat program should be run through the command prompt to prevent adding system32 executables to the firewall exception list as the default system environment variable may be triggered.


  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Navigate to the <Software_Installation_Path>/Base folder.
  3. Run the AddFWExclusions.bat file to execute the commands.
  4. All applicable CommCell communication programs and services are added to Windows Firewall Exception List. Note that this must be done on all CommCell Computers.

Note: If the firewall configuration is reset on a computer for any reason (this can happen, for example, when the computer is moved from a workgroup to a domain), then the firewall exclusions must be added again.