Indexing: FAQ

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Why is the index getting restored very often?

Several conditions can cause frequent index restores. The index gets restored when:

  • Index retention criteria made an existing index get cleaned up. These criteria may be set more strictly than actually necessary. See Retention Parameters.
  • Space is not sufficient on the disk hosting the Index Directory, causing frequent event-driven cleanup operations. See Index Directory Cleanup Process.
  • An index grew larger than 2 GB, and was automatically renamed.

Can the Index Directory be placed on a network drive?

The SnapProtect software only supports placing the Index Directory on a local drive.

Must the MediaAgents participating in GridStor be running the same software version?

Yes. MediaAgents that participate in GridStor should be upgraded together, so that all MediaAgents in the group are running the same version of SnapProtect software.

Why is the Index Directory full even after setting aggressive retention rules?

The aged Index files may not be getting cleaned up. Verify this by analyzing the Index Directory Cleanup Report on the MediaAgent computer:


This report displays a list of index files that were not cleaned up during the cleanup operation, along with a reason for their retention. See Index Directory Cleanup Report.

What happens to an incremental backup when the prior index is not in the Index Directory?

If the prior index is not on the local drive of the MediaAgent that is running an incremental backup job, the prior index is copied to that MediaAgent from another source, and the incremental backup proceeds. The order in which the prior index is obtained is:

  1. If the prior index is available from the MediaAgent on which it was created or last updated, it is copied from that MediaAgent.
  2. If the index is not available on the prior MediaAgent, is it restored from the storage media to which it was written (such as a tape).

How do I recover the Index Directory following a drive failure?

After replacing the drive, go to the Catalog tab of the MediaAgent Properties dialog box and set the Index Directory location to point to a location on the new drive (see Moving the Index Directory). When you see the Confirm dialog box, click No to tell the process not to copy data to the new location. Indexes are automatically restored to the new location when jobs that require indexes run.

Why don't I see the IndexBackup subclient after I run an Indexing V2 job?

For Indexing Version 2, the IndexBackup subclient is created 24 hours after a successful data protection job using Indexing Version 2 completes on the MediaAgent. For more information, see Indexing Version2: Index Backup.