Job Restartability - Online Help

The following section provides context-sensitive help information related to this feature.

Job Management (Job Restarts)

Use this dialog box to enable the restart options for specific jobs in the CommCell.

Job Restart

The following properties can be established for the selected job type. Note that not all job types can be configured with the properties listed below.

  • Job Type

    Lists the job types that are available for the Restart option. To specify the restart options, click a job type from the list.

  • Max Restarts

    Specifies the maximum number of times the Job Manager will try to restart a job after a phase of the job has failed. Use this space to enter the maximum number of restarts for a selected job type.

  • Restart Interval (Mins)

    Specifies the amount of time the Job Manager will wait before restarting a job that has gone into a pending state. Use the space to enter the restart interval (in minutes) for a selected job type.

  • Restartable

    When selected, specifies that the Job Manager can restart the selected job types in the event of a job phase failure.

    The CommServe host failover configuration process disables this option for Job Type = SQL DB (Data Recovery). Re-enabling it can cause very long delays, and is not recommended.

  • Preemptable

    Select this check box to allow other jobs to preempt this job.

  • Enable Total Running Time

    Select to specify the maximum time, in hours and minutes, that an individual job gets to be completed. The default is 6 hours. When the specified elapsed time is reached, as long as the job is in the "Running" state, it will continue. However, if the job is not in the "Running" state when the specified time is reached, Job Manager will kill the job.

    This option is used only when the Enable Total Running Time option is not selected for a specified job.

  • Kill Running Jobs When Total Running Time Expires

    When selected, kills individual job when the specified Total Running Time has elapsed, even if its state is "Running". This option is available only if you have specified a Total Running Time.

    This option is used only when the Kill Running Jobs When Total Running Time Expires option is not selected for a specified job.