Changing the Path of the Job Results Directory

The Job Results directory stores the job result files created when a job is initiated. By default, the Job Results directory is created when the software is installed. For example, the directory may be software_installation_directory\iDataAgent\JobResults. You can change this location by specifying a new path.

Note: The job results directory cannot reside on a compressed drive. You cannot change the path of the Job Results directory for laptop clients.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers.
  2. Right-click the client and click Properties.

    The Client Computer Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click Advanced.

    The Advanced Client Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Click the Job Configuration tab.
  5. In the Job Results Directory box, type the new path or click Browse to select the path.
  6. Click OK twice to close the properties dialog boxes.


After you change the path to the Job Results directory, all existing job results are copied to the new path. After the job results are copied to the new path, you can delete the old job results folder.

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