Log Files - Overview

Log files provide the processing details of operations that occur in a CommCell system. Log files are used to analyze and diagnose any problems within the CommCell system. By default, log files are automatically created in the <software_install_path>/Log Files folder. Log files that are sent using this feature are not sequenced.

SAP for Oracle clients also include the SAPBACKUP directory in a compressed format.

You can view the log files from the CommCell Console for any of the following components:

  • CommServe
  • MediaAgent
  • Client

The types of log files that reside on each computer might differ, depending on the role of the computer in the CommCell system (CommServe computer, MediaAgent, Client computer). For example, a CommServe computer contains only the CommServe log files. A computer that is both a CommServe computer and a Client computer contains the log files for both entities.