Default Maximum Number for Log File Versions

When the log file reaches its maximum size (5 MB), it is renamed as <filename>_<timestamp>.log and a new log file, <filename>.log, is created. For example, when the size of the Evmgrs.log reaches 5 MB, it is renamed Evmgrs_2015_08_07_19_50_10.log and a new Evmgrs.log is created. If you have set the default maximum log file version for the Evmgrs.log to 5, then up to 5 versions of Evmgrs.log are created.

The following table lists the default maximum number of log file versions. For all the other log files, the maximum number of versions is 1. The file versions are in addition to the active log file.

Log Name Default maximum number of versions
archiveIndex.log 5
Auxcopy.log 5
AuxCopyMgr.log 5
CIReader.log 5
clBackup.log 5
CreateIndex.log 5
CVD.log 10
CVJobReplicator.log 5
CVMA.log 3
DataAging.log 3
DataVerf.log 5
DDBRecovery.log 5
FileScan.log 2
IndexCacheCleanup.log 5
IndexCacheServer.log 3
IndexingService.log 5
JobManager.log 3
LibraryServer.log 3
MediaManager.log 3
MediaManagerPrune.log 10
PSTMigrator.log 5
SnapManager.log 10
UpdateIndex.log 5
Vsbkp.log 5
Vsdiscovery.log 5
Vsvrst.log 5

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