Import Monitoring Policy

Use this dialog box to set the options that are used to import the monitoring policy.

Policy Name

The name of the monitoring policy.

Analytics Engine

Lists the Analytics engines that you configured for log monitoring. The engine is configured during the setup of the Log Monitoring application and is used to index the data that is defined in the monitoring policy.

Import Template

Imports the monitoring policy template if the monitoring policy template associated with the imported monitoring policy does not exist in the CommCell environment.

Use an existing Template

Uses a template that exists in the CommCell environment for the monitoring policy you import.

Select Associations

Based on the template you chose to use, expand Client Computer Groups and Client Computers to select the appropriate entities:

  • For System Monitoring policies, select the clients or client groups you want to monitor.
  • For Text Log Files and SysLogs, select the clients and client groups that contain the logs you want to monitor.
  • For On Demand, select the proxy clients where you want the log files to be distributed after you upload the files to the Log Monitoring application.
  • For Windows Events, select the client and client groups where you want to monitor Windows events.

Select All

Associates all the client and client groups with the monitoring policy.

Clear All

Clears any of the current associations from the monitoring policy.