Archiving Aged Analytics Data in Log Monitoring

You can archive aged analytics data by using a OnePass subclient. Archived data can be recalled, reindexed, and searched in the Log Monitoring application in the Web Console.

Before You Begin

  • To enable archiving of analytics data, to the CommServe computer, add the bEnableLmscalability additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Property Value
    Name bEnableLmscalability
    Category CommServDB.GxGlobalParam
    Type BOOLEAN
    Value true
  • On the MediaAgent configured as the Analytics Engine, create a NetApp OnePass subclient. For information on NetApp OnePass, see Archive Agents.


  1. Open a monitoring policy, or create a new monitoring policy.
  2. On the Specify the data capturing options page of the wizard, select the Age Analytics data after n days check box and enter the number of days to wait before aging the data captured by the monitoring policy.
  3. In the Select OnePass subclient list, select the OnePass subclient that will backup and archive the aged data.
  4. If you opened a monitoring policy, click Finish, or if you created a new monitoring policy, click Next.


  • In the OnePass subclient directory, the following files are created:
    • docList.xml file: Stores the aged data. When the size of the docList.xml file reaches 15 MB, a new docList.xml file is created and the old file is renamed to include a timestamp.
    • numberOfDocs.txt file: Tracks the number of documents in the docList.xml file.
  • In the Log Monitoring application, if a user searches with a data range that includes archived data, the Reindex Data dialog box appears. After the archived data is reindexed, the user can search it.