Media Management Configuration: Vault Tracker

Use this dialog box to establish Vault Tracker parameters.

Parameter Description
Allow media in Standalone tape library to be ejected when being exported by Vault Tracker Policy Definition: Specifies whether the media must be ejected automatically (or manually by the user) from a standalone library, if the media is exported using Vault Tracker, after a backup.

Default Value: 1

Range: 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

Usage: By default, allows the Vault Tracker Action to be automatically completed, instead of waiting for the user to manually eject the media.

Container cleanup interval days Definition: Specifies the number days for which the container will be kept after it becomes empty before it is deleted.

Default Value: 90

Range: 30 to 365

Usage: System defined containers are removed when empty. User predefined containers are retained for the number of days specified here.

Days to keep Vault Tracker records Definition: Specifies the number of days the Vault Tracker history will be retained.

Default Value: 90

Range: 10 to 120

Usage: Retaining Vault Tracker history for longer or shorter periods may be required for compliance, auditing, or other reasons.

Hours to keep Vault Tracker actions alive Definition: Specifies the number of hours to keep the Vault Tracker actions alive.

Default Value: 72

Range: 2 to 9999

Usage: Allows time for manual/user response to extract exported media from library.

Include Media Repository shelves in destination library list when moving exported media Definition: Specifies that media repository shelves can be included in the list of destination library and exported media can be moved to these shelves.

Default Value: 0

Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Usage: Enables you to move the exported media to a media repository shelf to track and manage media that you want to store in an outside storage locations.

Interval (Minutes) between Vault Tracker alerts Definition: Specifies the minimum interval that is used between Vault Tracker related alerts in minutes

Default Value: 15

Range: 1 to 60

Usage: Jobs awaiting user action with alerts enabled will receive new alerts according to this time interval.

Time in hours to show the Vault Tracker history in the actions' pane Definition: Specifies the time in hours for which the Vault Tracker history will be displayed in the actions pane in the CommCell Console.

Default Value: 0, which displays the history for 15 minutes

Range: 0 to 72

Usage: The default settings assumes that morning's Vault Tracker action history will be displayed during the day and deleted before the next nights Vault Tracker actions occurs.

Vault Tracker due back policy: Treat Library selection as original library and value Definition: Specifies whether to treat Vault Tracker library selection as original library.

Default Value: 0

Range:  0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

Usage: Treating a library selection as an original library enables returned media to be used as scratch media for that library instead of just appearing in the CommCell Console as a media from a different library and therefore unusable for writing in that library.

Vault Tracker export retry interval in minutes Definition: Specifies the time in minutes after which the Vault Tracker retries an export operation.

Default Value: 10

Range: 10 to 30

Usage: Gives the user time to get to the library to extract exported media and make the mail slot/CAP available for the next export.

Vault Tracker Policy option to import tapes based on number of empty slots in library Definition: Specifies to import tapes based on the empty slots.

Default Value: 0

By default the value is set to 0 which indicates that the check for empty slots is disabled. Set value as 1 to perform a check for empty slots in the library during policy action.

Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Usage: This options is for Vault Tracker Policy which is using Due back for reuse option, when the Vault Tracker policy is run, it checks the number of empty slots in the library and if there are not enough slots for the media that are to be imported then the action will be failed.

Vault Tracker Policy will treat media with manually retained jobs the same way as media with jobs retained by storage policy copy extended retention Definition: Converts the manually retained jobs to extended retained jobs for exporting media.

Default Value: 1

Range: 0 (disabled) 1 (enabled)

Usage: By default the value is set to 1 which indicates that the manually retained jobs will be eligible for extended retention. However, you can set the value to 0 which will make the manually retained jobs not eligible for extended retention.

Vault Tracker: Action history retention days Definition: Specifies the number of days Vault Tracker movement action history is retained in days.

Default Value: 90

Range: 1 to 9999

Usage: Useful for audit tracking/reports on removal media movement.

Vault Tracker: Allow media to reach export location even though media are in library Definition: Specifies that media will reach export location, even though media are in the library.

Default Value: 0

Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Usage: Enables use of Automatic acknowledgement of data movement regardless of when the movement actually occurs. In this case, the media is expected to be eventually moved, but the reported location will change with the Vault Tracker job/schedule – not the actual movement.