NAS System Discovery - Getting Started

You can use NAS System Discovery to view information about the supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) arrays in your CommCell environment.

Supported NAS Vendors

The NAS System Discovery report is available for NetApp and Celerra storage servers.

Before You Begin

You must have the following products configured in your CommCell environment:

  • Web Console

    The NAS System Discovery report is viewed from the Analytics section of the Web Console. See Installing the Web Console.

  • Workflow Engine

    NAS System Discovery is run as a workflow from the CommCell Console. The Workflow Engine is automatically installed with the CommServe software in most deployment scenarios. If you do not see Workflow in your CommCell Browser, however, then you must install the Workflow Engine. See Installing the Workflow Engine.

  • Analytics Engine

    The Analytics Engine is an indexing engine that is installed with the MediaAgent software. NAS System Discovery uses an Analytics Engine to gather the information from your NAS devices and generate the NAS System Discovery report.

    NAS System Discovery requires that at least one Analytics Engine is configured in your CommCell environment. If you have already configured an Analytics Engine for a different product, such as Data Analytics, then you do not have to configure an additional Analytics Engine for NAS System Discovery.

    If you do not have an Analytics Engine in your CommCell, then proceed as follows:

    1. Install the Analytics package on a client in your CommCell environment. For information, see Installing the Analytics Engine.

      Note: MediaAgents that were installed in your CommCell environment before SP6 already have an Analytics Engine. You can enable and configure the Analytics Engine on these MediaAgents without installing the Analytics package.

    2. Log in to the CommCell Console.
    3. Under CommCell Browser, click Storage Resources > MediaAgents.
    4. Right-click the MediaAgent that you want to configure with the Analytics Engine and click Properties.

      Note: Only Windows MediaAgents support the Analytics Engine.

    5. Click the Analytics Engine tab and select the Configure Analytics Engine check box.
    6. Optional: To change the location of the Analytics Engine index directory, click Browse and select a new location on the MediaAgent.
    7. Optional: To change the amount of system memory on the MediaAgent that the Analytic Engine can use, change the Java Max Memory value.
    8. Under Available Analytic Engine Type, select NAS Array Reporting and click the right arrow button (>).

      The selected type appears under Configured Analytics Engine Type.

    9. Click OK to save your configurations.


What to Do Next

Run the NAS System Discovery workflow. See Running the NAS System Discovery Workflow.