Network: Client Connectivity

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Before running an operation in the CommCell, you may want to check the connectivity between the client and the CommServe. You can check the connectivity in the following ways:

  • From the CommCell Console
  • From the Command Line
  • By running the CommCell Readiness Report

The sections on this page describe how to perform each of these operations.

Checking Connectivity from the CommCell Console

You can use the Check Readiness report to verify that the client and MediaAgent are connected to the CommCell Console and that the database agents are properly configured to run backup and restore jobs. For more information, see Check Readiness for File System Clients and Database Clients - Overview.

Checking Connectivity from the Command Line

You can check the network connectivity between clients computers by using the Network Test Tool.

CommCell Readiness Report

The CommCell Readiness Report displays information about the condition of your CommCell. It can serve as a tool to warn you about potential problems that might affect your operations before problems occur. For more information, see CommCell Readiness Report.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Errors

Make sure that the computer is accessible in the network, using CVPing or another network utility.

If the client computer is not accessible in the network, ensure that the NetApp services are running on it. If necessary, you can restart the services on the client. See Services - Advanced for step-by-step instructions.

Check Readiness Errors


Readiness check fails intermittently.

This can occur if the firmware of the network adapters is a mismatch and not updated.


Update the firmware on all network interface cards so that they are all running the same firmware version. This ensures proper connectivity through the network interface cards, so that in most cases the readiness check succeeds.