Network: Network Password

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CommCell network password is an internal security measure used to ensure that communications occur only between CommCell computers. By default, the software assigns each computer in the CommCell a different password. You can, at any time, define a new CommCell network password for any computer in the CommCell. You do not need to know the current password to define a new one, but you do need to have administrative privileges.

Setting the Network Password from the CommCell Console

Use the following steps to change the CommCell network password:

  1. From the CommCell Console toolbar, on the Home tab, click Control Panel.
  2. In the CommCell area, click System.
  3. Click the Change Password tab and select Change Network Password.
  4. Click the Change password for computer list, and select the name of the computer whose password you want to change.
  5. In Password, enter the new network password, then re-enter it in Confirm Password.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Setting the Network Password from the Command Line

    You can also change the network password for one or more client computers from the command line. Using the ChangeNetworkPwd tool, you can change the network password of one or more clients with a stronger password in order to increase the security of your network.

    Follow these steps to update the network password:

    1. On the CommServe computer, change to the software installation base directory for the instance to test:

      cd software_installation_path/Base

    2. Run the ChangeNetworkPwd command:

      ChangeNetworkPwd [-listAllWeak | -updateAllWeak | clientName] -vm instance_name


      • -listAllWeak is the option to list all the clients that need a stronger password.
      • -updateAllWeak is the option to update all the clients in the CommServe instance that need a stronger password.
      • clientName is the name of one client to update the password on.
      • (Optional) -vm is the name of the instance where the CommServe software is running. If not specified, Instance001 is used.

      For example, this command will update the password for client1:

      ChangeNetworkPwd client1 -vm instance002

    3. The password is updated for the client.
    4. To verify the operation, change to the software_installation_path\Log Files folder and review the ChangeNetworkPwd.log file.