Network: Troubleshooting

NWK0002: Network Connection Is Lost Between Two Client Computers

For information on the symptom, cause, and resolution, see NWK0002: Error Code [10:2] Unable to communicate with the remote machine to start the Data Pipe.

NWK0004: Users Are Unable to Initiate VPN Access to Resources in a Private Network


In a VPN client, when a user tries to establish a remote connection to a private resource, the VPN client fails to reach the private resource.


  • The user might not have permissions to access the private resource.
  • The SnapProtect VPN feature is not enabled on the client that was designated as the VPN router. This might happen if you had to perform a hardware refresh of the client, which involves moving the old client software and configurations to the new hardware.


  • If a user cannot access a private resource, it means that the user is not part of the Allow list of the VPN router. To add the user, see Configuring the Allow List.
  • If you performed a hardware refresh of the client designated as the VPN router, you must enable the VPN router setting on the new client.
    1. Log on to the new client and open the SnapProtect Process Manager.
    2. On the Plugin tab of the Process Manager dialog box, go to the VPN Plugin section and select the Enable VPN Router check box.
    3. Close the Process Manager dialog box.