Remote Client Access: Overview

The Remote Client Access feature lets a client computer access remote services running on another client, through a SnapProtect tunnel if required.

Remote Client Access supports these protocols:

  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

Each protocol can be enabled and configured on a client (or client group) so that other clients can access services that the remote access client offers via those protocols, such as remote desktop access via RDP.

This capability requires that the participating clients be running SnapProtect software.

Sessions Initiated from Either End

The Remote Client Access arrangement allows initiating a session whether either client is internal (on the local network) or external (outside the local network). In this way, capabilities can be offered beyond conventional VPN remote access that grants an external computer access to an internal computer. For example, you would normally associate this kind of service with a computer outside a private network being able to RDP to a computer behind the firewall. Using Remote Client Access, a computer in the private network (say, at work) can access authorized services offered by a remote computer (at home).

Access Control

A local client is computer from which a user requests access to supported services that are being offered by a remote client. For example, a user logs on to a desktop computer (the local client) and requests an RDP session from a computer in another office (the remote client) that has RDP enabled.

To enable remote access, SnapProtect client software must be installed on the both the local and remote client computers, and the local client must either be owned by the same owner as the remote client, or the user of the local client must have been explicitly granted permissions to connect to the remote client. The local client must connect to the remote client through the proxy configured for that remote client. The route to the proxy from both the local and remote clients is automatically configured.

Accessible Resources

 Any computer you own that is installed to a V11 CommServe host is accessible using this Remote Client Access feature, regardless of its location.