CommCell Group Dashboard

The CommCell Group Dashboard displays a preview of the most critical information gathered from all of the CommCell computers in the selected group. Use the CommCell Group Dashboard to monitor CommCell performance from a high level. Many windows on the Dashboard open more detailed reports that you can use to analyze the collected statistics.

For instructions on creating a CommCell Group, see Creating a CommCell Group for Reports.

Usage Overview

The Usage Overview table provides a list of all entities in all CommCells in the CommCell Group.

Entity Description
Servers Total number of servers in the CommCell Group.
Laptops Total number of Laptop clients in the CommCell Group.
VMs Total number of virtual machines in the CommCell Group.
Users Total number of users in the CommCell Group.
CI Objects Total number of Content Indexing objects in the CommCell Group.
Disk Library Total size of all disk libraries associated with all CommCells in the CommCell Group.
Dedupe Store Total size of all deduplication stores associated with all CommCells in the CommCell Group.

SLA Percentage

The percentage of all CommCell computers that met or missed Service Level Agreement (SLA) at the last time data was collected. The formula used to calculate SLA is: Number of Clients that Met SLA / Total Number of Clients, at the time of data collection, regardless of the SLA time period configured for that particular client. You can click the Details button to open the SLA Details Report and view information for each CommCell.

Current Capacity Usage

The Current Capacity Usage chart indicates the maximum amount of storage space used to back up and archive data from all CommCell computers in the last month. You can click the Details button to view the Capacity License Usage report.

Storage - Data Retention

Storage - Data Retention estimates the amount of data that will be eligible for pruning, based solely on the retention days and extended retention settings configured in the storage policy copy. Other parameters related to data retention, such as retention cycles and dependencies amongst backup types are not considered in this calculation. For a more detailed calculation of data retention, see the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report.

Use this chart to determine the amount of stored data that is old enough to be archived. Categories in the chart include data that is 0 - 90 days old, data that is 90 - 365 days old, and data that is more than one year old.

Last Week Backup Job Summary

The Last Week Backup Job Summary chart displays the number of jobs that succeeded or failed during each day in the last week. Click the Details button to view the Worldwide Backup Statistics Report.


The Strikes chart indicates the number of subclients in all CommCell computers in the group that have one or more failed backup jobs since the last successful backup job. Click the Details button to view the Strike Count Report.

Deduplication Saving

Deduplication Saving displays the percentage of storage space saved through deduplication for all CommCell environments in this group.

Click the Details button to view the CommCell Dedupe Savings Report.